LEFT: Atty Abutin with Wife, Ms. Amparo
Francisco Abutin during their wedding.

Children: Bobby, Jovie, Beth, Evelyn, Ronnie
and Chito
Atty Leonardo P. Abutin, Sr (Top left in polo and with eyeglasses) was
also involve in the production of Kuwentong Kutsero, a very popular
radio program in th 1950's.  He was also a member of Dramatic

Note: Picture was reproduce using a digital camera on March 13, 2005.  
Actual picture was taken in 1950's.
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"Death comes to all.  But great
achievements build a monument which
shall endure until the sun grows cold.  The
memory of Tatay Nanding's goodness is
still with us and felt in so many ways.  He
will forever be remembered."