It is with great honor that the Abutin
Family dedicate a page for Mr.
Gustavo Gonzalez.

Thank you Ms. Marina Alonso,  
daughter of Mr. Gonzalez for sharing
the information and picture that are
posted in this page.
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Gustavo (Gus) R. Gonzalez was born on March 28, 1922 in Manila.  He grew up in
the Ermita area and was the 3rd of 4 children of Ignacio Gonzalez & Marina
Ramirez.  He attended the Ateneo de Manila College.  He later married Ursula
Soliman of  Concepcion, Tarlac and Singalong, Manila.  Together they had 7

Gus was a member of Dramatic Philippines under Narciso Pimentel and had
dual roles as Caiphas and St. John in the classic Holy Week play “Martir sa
Golgota” (Fr. Joseph Mulry S.J.'s A PASSION PLAY) presented annually at the
Metropolitan Theatre.  He was a radio announcer for DZRH and was in the cast of
Kwentong Kutsero, a precedent-setting radio satire aired in the 50s and 60s.  It
gave fun at the establishment, especially government personalities, and exposed
the foibles of politicians and government officials with humorous episodes that
delighted radio audiences for many years.

Notable in Gus' radio career was his role as the voice of Kapitan Kidlat, a
popular program in the 1950s created by the late Atty. Leonardo P Abutin, Sr.
It told of the adventures of Inocencio Santos, a shy and humble man working at a
police station who was transformed to Kapitan Kidlat by uttering the words “Ako
si  Kapitan Kidlat!”  Bestowed with superpowers by the gods, he came to the aid
of the innocent and helpless against criminal elements.

Gus later became an Advertising and Public Relations Executive with
Commonwealth Foods, makers of FIBISCO, Cocoa Ricoa, and instant coffee
products such as Café Puro and Café Bueno.  He served as President of
Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) in 1965 & 1969.  He also
served as President of the Manila Overseas Press Club and wrote a column for
Manila Bulletin during his incumbency.

His wife passed away in January 2008.  They are survived by 6 children & 16
grandchildren who reside in Canada, Philippines & USA.

April 7, 2009 note:

received from Marina, daughter of Mr. Gustavo Gonzalez. Our most sincere sympathy and
condolence to Ms. Marina Alonso and her family. Anyone who would like to extend their
condolence can send an email to her at

My father, Gustavo R. Gonzalez, who played Kapitan Kidlat on DZRH
radio in the 1950s, passed away on March 22, 2009 in Dau,
Pampanga.  Maybe you can have this bit of news passed on to the
many fans of Kapitan Kidlat (radio & movie).  As a member of Dramatic
Philippines, he also was a cast member of Kwentong Kutsero & had
roles in many plays staged by Dramatic Philippines.  In fact, we still have
pictures of him with such luminaries as Virgilio Hilario, Emma Benitez,
Narciso Pimentel, Oscar Moreno, Pancho Magalona, Carmen Rosales &
many others whose names we can no longer remember, but whose
faces remain etched in our memories.

Thank you in advance.

Marina Alonso