The New Adventure Begins
---- Leonardo "Bobby" Abutin, Jr.

Zeus is the most powerful among gods.  He’s only weakness are
women.  He is well known to have children from immortals and
mortals. Zeus can change his appearance from bird, bull, man and
even copy the appearance of a mortal’s husband.  Zeus was known
to have a child from every woman that he slept with.  One woman
that got his attention was a Filipina woman  Maropa.  Maropa is
the most beautiful maiden in the island.  One day Zeus appears as
a handsome farmer who showered Maropa with attention, and
would always bring the most delicious fruits of the land.   They
usually would talk for long hours.  Maropa fell in love with Zeus
right away. He then learned that  Maropa believe in supernaturals.  
Because of this belief, it was easy for Zeus to appear before her in
his natural form.   Maropa was flabbergasted that a god fell in love
with her.  She fell in love more to Zeus because Zeus was honest.  
From her,  Zeus begot a son- Kapitan Kidlat.  Maropa became a
very loving wife and mother.  She was the only immortal that Zeus
would visit frequently.  She loves him more than life.  When
Kapitan Kidlat was born, the sky was shining awfully bright but
also raining as it gave way to lot of thunder and lightning.  The
whole universe is celebrating the born of a new god- KAPITAN

Kapitan Kidlat comes into view like any normal baby.  The one
thing that bother Zeus and Maropa were the fact that whenever a
mortal would touch Kapitan Kidlat, that person would experience
an electric shocks.  This is one reason why most children would not
like to play with him.  Like any mortal child, he got his tantrum
moments.  His childhood friends would usually come home crying
because KK would usually emit a strong static that somehow give a
burning sensation to their bodies.  Zeus & Maropa were afraid that
people might one day  think that Kapitan Kidlat is a curse/jinx and
they will try to harm him.  Zeus is not afraid of the people but more
of what Kapitan Kidlat can do to these people.  Being still a child,
he does not yet understand the limit of his power.  3 days in a week,
Zeus, Maropa and Kapitan Kidlat would go to the top of the
mountain wherein Zeus would teach Kapitan Kidlat how and when
to properly use his lightning power.  After each session, Kapitan
Kidlat power  would go up a level higher. They want Kapitan
Kidlat to be a human god- protector of mankind.   Zeus wants an
ally in his son, Kapitan Kidlat, who would have the power of a god
and the compassion of a human.  He needs KK in case the Tintans,
his arch enemies, would emerge back from their far flung
condemned  planet.
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