LOVE To The Nth power
(Category: short story)
By  Rabespierre

There were many times in my life that I keep on wondering if there is really a GOD  
out there.  Many time I had seen myself alone and miserable.   I never hurt anybody
but I always end up being beaten up.  I tried to be a loyal friend but I always get
betrayed.  I learned to love somebody and that somebody never respected me.  
Most often, love is confused with infatuation. There were times that I believe Love
is just a word that fools invented to deceive other people like me.   Life is so
lonely, why should I bother to live.   Other people say I am useless.  I brought bad
luck to my family.  I am not as brilliant as my siblings or even as smart as my
cousins.  My self-esteem is zero.  I do not know what to do with my life.  I do not
know where to go.  Walk…. Walk….. walk… One mile, 2 miles, 3 miles until I no
longer knew how far I have gone.  I just found myself inside the church.  It’s so
quiet… so peaceful…  There are people praying and choir singing.  Their prayer
and singing are music to my ears.  I suddenly feel better. Serenity   seems to be
within me.  I have never gone to church for a long time and has forgotten how to
pray the apostle’s creed.  Funny I don’t even know if this is a Catholic or Christian
or a Baptist church.  I just know that I find tranquility in this place.  Suddenly my
eyelids cover my eyes and out came some crystal liquids.  Tears of joy I said to
myself.   I no longer feel miserable nor pain inside me.  I stayed there for hours in
silence.  A few more moments and I opened my eyes.  I feel better for some
reason.  Was it because I got some rest? Was it the beautiful singing of the choir?
NO I told myself.  I feel better because I am in the house of our Loving FATHER.  
Like all parents, HE only wants his children to have the best.   I need to listen to
HIM to be in a better place.  But how? I knelt down and while I am about to ask for
guidance, I saw a big bold letter that say ‘TAKE ME HOME’.  The answer is in front
of me- Of course The Bible!  With the Bible in my hand, I start to trace my way back
to my home.   It was almost 11:00 in the evening and 200 feet from our home when I
saw my loving mother and father running toward me.  Without a word, they
embrace me.  They were so worried that something bad came about to me.  I am so
blinded with the false love of my so called friends and peers that I never realize I
am so lucky to have caring parents.  Inside our home, my brothers and sisters
started to ask questions like where have I been? Who was with me? What am I
thinking? Questions that I will usually answered back with rage.  But this time, I see
these questions as concerned questions with love attached to it.  I see things
clearer now after that visit to our Loving Father’s house.  
Everything changed for the better when I realize that God is love and Love is God.